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About the Department and the EMBA Program  

Department of International Trade was established in 1964, and has renamed as Department of International Trade and Logistics (ITL). In 2008, the department set up the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program in response to the increasing needs of global logistics management for technology industries in Central Taiwan Science Park. The Department of ITL provides a complete set of education and training programs in international trade and logistics. The course design of the Department emphasizes a balance between theory and practice, and offers its students and faculty with vast opportunities to the study of international trade, global logistics, and foreign languages in international business. The design of the EMBA curriculum emphasizes the cultivation of professionals in theoretical research as well as practical applications of logistics to benefit their enterprises.


Features of the Department  

  • Undergraduate
    1. Cooperating with industries and offering the opportunity of practical training for students to learn practical skills in business (cooperative education);
    2. Focusing on global logistics education and business operation ability;
    3. Constructing E-commerce environment for practical application of international trade;
    4. Emphasizing vocational capability and encouraging students to acquire certificates of international business and logistics for future jobs.
  • EMBA
    1. In coordination with government policy of improving industry, the EMBA offers a perfect venue to cultivate outstanding elites to the positions of management in international business;
    2. The Department offers on-job training and promotes the cooperation between industry and academia with comprehensive logistics management software and extensive educational facilities and resources;
    3. The Department equally emphasizes theoretical and practical educations and utilizes case studies, program-based learning and group projects that enable students to cope with business challenges successfully. 


The curriculum of the Department of ITL is designed as three modules: Trade and Customs Clearance, Global Logistics, and International Finance. Associating with international business languages, computer applications, commerce and finance management, we design a set of courses divided into four regions: basic business education, commerce operation & management, global logistics management and China trade operation.

  • Undergraduate
  • EMBA

The EMBA program aims to equip students with the foundational knowledge of business and cultivate outstanding elites in international trade and logistics management. The program welcomes graduates of all disciplines, and most classes are conducted in the evenings and weekends. Completion of the EMBA program requires 39 credit hours and the program duration is between 2 years. The EMBA offers an integrated curriculum that contains three distinguishing modules: Logistics Management, Business Strategy, and Service Management. 

Future Vision  

We will constantly devote our efforts to upgrade instructional facilities and resources, and concentrate on the cooperation between industry and academia. Through the cooperation with industries and student exchanges, we hope to expand students’ view of point on the global stage. With three joint goals of “Industrial-Academia Cooperation”, “Manpower Cultivation”, and “Academic Innovation”, we will also offer the opportunities for students to nourish the capabilities ready for high-level executive and manager positions in international logistics management.